Refreshing Office (before-after)

Why not add something more to magnolia office.

Restaurant / Pub

Lovely meal taste better when restaurant is re-painted and looks fresh.

Warehouse Floor Painting

ISDecs we apply an industrial floor paint to refresh and protect from any grease or oil that may be spilled. This will make it much easier to clean in the long run. Industrial floor paints are extremely durable and are used to obtain a smooth, uniform aperance while withstanding regular and heavy traffic from people, forklifts and europalets.

On this job ISDecs properly clean the area of any grease and dust, done little repair and levelings to be sure new paint applied will adhere.

Warehouse External Painting

This is how we prepare surface and re-paint extenal of this warehouse. We used scaffolding to get everywhere we need, to achieve perfect finish.

Domestic Painting & Decorating Jobs

Here are few examples of our doemstic jobs ISDecs had done in the past. There are before and after pictures so you can easly spot the different. We always focus on small details to be satysfied with final effect.

Random Jobs

Here we upload some of our random jobs ISDecs done in the past.

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